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1 You choose a charity. Fill out an online form or call to donate.
2 We pick up your vehicle for free the next day.
3 We help the charity sell the vehicle. You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

One Way To Lookout For Missing Kids

In 2002, it became national news of a teenage girl, Elizabeth Smart, getting kidnapped. Many offered prayers for Elizabeth and the family. Nine months later, Elizabeth was found and returned to her family. It was exciting news for the country. Operation Lookout is an organization that helps families of missing youth under the age of 18. … read more

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Let’s All Go Bananas With Car Donations

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Automobile Donation Benefits

Your automobile donation benefits both you and a charity when you use Donate Car USA. Donate Car USA provides one of the best car donation systems in the country, with an improved tax deduction rate and a good-sized donation for your chosen nonprofit. Tax Benefits of Donating Your Automobile The size of your tax benefit … read more

Automobile Donations

Making automobile donations is a great way for people to give back to charity in a unique, yet very helpful way. There are many people out there who do not have a vehicle to drive, and your donation could give them the automobile they need to get around and do the things they need to … read more

Charity Automobile Donations

Here at Donate Car USA, we are a charity service, not a charity, but we supports many nonprofits across the USA. The charities we support rely on the money that we send them, and we, in turn, use your charity automobiles to provide that money. Nonprofits We Support The nonprofits we support are all worthy … read more

Car trouble: Non-profits fret over axed tax break

Nonprofits are worried that the federal tax bill approved by the U.S. Senate this week will put the brakes on car donation programs, which have grown into a major revenue source for Bay Area charities. Donors have been permitted to claim a deduction equal to the Kelley Blue Book value for the car, even though … read more